A lot of productivity “experts” and tech-minded individuals love to read. It’s great. I’m all for learning new things and adding new titles to my towering TBR pile. However, there’s always one glaring omission from these recommendations: fiction.

I’ve heard some people say “Reading fiction is a waste of time,” because they aren’t getting anything actionable out of it. It’s “entertainment.”

I have to say: entertainment is good. It’s necessary. And fiction isn’t just about distracting you from the horrors of the world for a while. In fact, it might even bring you closer to the world around you. Fiction has been shown to encourage empathy and expose us to different viewpoints we might never have seen before.

So, don’t just bury your nose in self-help books and non-fiction. Expand your horizons. Read wide. Pick up a sci-fi novel or a romance or a thrilling adventure tale and let it show you something new.