So, I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from my current adult WIP to work on a MG book idea I had a few months ago. I was watching my son play in our backyard and he’s a huge fan of the Spiderwick books. I got hit with this idea I wanted to work on after my current WIP was done, but I’ve decided to write it now.

He’s already seven. If this ever makes it to publication, it’s going to take a few years and I don’t want him to outgrow it before he has a chance to read it. I’ll let him read the final draft before I query anyway, but I want him to still be young enough to read the final books if/when they ever come out (hopefully).

Plus, this is a fraction of the length of my adult WIP, so I’ll take a month or two to write this and get it ready to query, then I’ll go back to the other book. I’m already 1400 words in. 📝