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Yes, This is the Obligatory Welcome Post

I've come to a point where I'm doing so much and in so many different areas that I needed a place to keep it all. A place for COVERED listeners and YouTube viewers and the few of you who've read my writing to congregate to keep up with everything going on.

Well, here it is. I know. I'm not terribly impressed either.

This is my author/podcaster/professional/personal website blog thingy and it's where you'll find updates from me on everything I'm working on, including new COVERED episodes, new Scrivener in 60 Seconds tutorials, writing-related updates, and the occasional rant/rave/review.

Hopefully this will cut down on the number of tweetstorms I publish, too. Twitter is a terrible blogging tool.

If you'd like to reach out, feel free to use the contact form up top. And thanks for stopping by!


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