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COVERED Season 4 is Coming

In just over one month, everyone's favorite literary podcast they've never heard of, COVERED, comes back for its fourth season. If you follow the show on Twitter, you already know why this new season is special. If you don't, well, here it is: Season 4 is all about women authors.

Fourteen episodes. Fourteen interviews with brilliant, badass women authors from different genres -- Literary Fiction, Self-Help, Historical Fiction, and the list keeps growing. You'll see upcoming guests in the box on the right side of the homepage.

There will also be new, premium content for Patreon subscribers, as well as Hologram Radio Premium members. If you become a patron at the $5 level, you'll get a bonus mini-episode called "COVERED: Top 5" where my guests go through the top five things they've learned during their career. It might be about writing, or publishing, or editing--you won't know until you listen (and subscribe), but if you're an aspiring author you might find some nuggets of wisdom worth far more than the paltry $5 I'm asking for. Plus, you'll be helping me keep this show afloat.

I'm really excited for this new season. I feel like COVERED is really coming into its own now and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy putting it all together for you.

We're back on Friday, September 1, so subscribe now in iTunes or drop the RSS feed URL into your favorite podcatcher to get the latest episodes delivered directly to your ear holes on day one.

Thanks for listening!

P.S.: I would LOVE and appreciate it if you left a review and/or rating for the show on iTunes. It would mean the world. Thank you!

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