Watching the TikTok hearing and this is nothing more than the government pissed off that Americans have a way to speak truth to power that they cannot control. This has nothing to do with “homeland security” and everything to do with a blatant violation of the 1st Amendment.

You know where I first learned about the Ohio train derailment? TikTok. Not CNN. Not MSNBC. Not the NYTimes. TikTok—because mainstream media was covering for the railroad industry.

Just completed my 800th story for the Cabinet of Curiosities podcast. I started writing for the show in 2018. Wild.…


I get about 10-15 “confirmation” or “you won” emails in Gmail every day. Just bypassing my spam filter like it’s a mall cop. Want to switch to an alternative service. Anyone have experience w/Proton or similar? Seeking recommendations.

Must work w/3rd party clients. Thx!

VERY interested in seeing Twitter’s active user numbers next month. If there is any dropoff, it’ll probably be small, but I’m curious to see if cutting off all third party apps does any lasting damage.

Every book I write teaches me how to write a book and every new book shows me I have no idea what I’m doing. #amwriting 📝

It’s funny when people say they aren’t excited by new Macs. That’s the point, isn’t it? Computers aren’t novel things anymore. They’re tools. They’re refrigerators. They’re meant to help us get our jobs done. We shouldn’t WANT to upgrade every year.

As much as I enjoy my AlphaSmart, I would LOVE to swap it for an Apple eMate. There’s something about that device that makes me covet it. Maybe it’s the now-retro translucent plastic body, or maybe it’s the simplicity. Whatever the case, I want one. #amwriting #writing 📝

I used to outline the book as a whole and list specific scenes I felt I needed to hit as I wrote, but I’ve realized that I often hit a wall that way. Now I’m outlining chapter by chapter and I find it much easier to hit my daily word goals that way. #writing #amwriting 📝

Excuse me, TCM, but I have some goddamn questions

Looks like Elon turned off Twitter API access to third party apps. If that’s the end of Tweetbot/Twitterrific/etc, I think a lot of people are going to abandon ship.

The main app is absolute shit.

Put in about 3000 words on the WIP this weekend. Making a lot of progress and I only hate about half of what I wrote, so it’s going better than I’d planned. #amwriting 📝

Re-upping this for the afternoon crowd.…

Seeking Help: For the past 2.5 months, my family has been fighting our school district against its discrimination of my son. He’s autistic with combined ADHD and they’ve failed him and punished him for things beyond his control. He’s currently on home instruction because they refuse to allow him to attend school in-person.

We’re working with a special education advocate who is filing an emergent petition on Monday to get my son the help he needs, but his costs have grown due to the growing mountain of evidence he keeps uncovering. We’re already out $14,000 with another $5,000 due at the end of all this.

If you have $3 and want to help, I’d greatly appreciate it if you bought one of my books (or spend $6 and get both):

If you can’t afford that right now, please boost this message any way you can. I’m over on Mastodon and I have a similar post over there you can boost as well.

And I have a ko-fi ( where you can donate a few dollars toward the cause if you so choose.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support. Hoping to put this whole thing behind us soon and get my son back in school with the supports he needs.

I love it when my DNS shits the bed for no reason whatsoever.

BROKE 20K ON THE WIP. #amwriting 📝

Writing research question: is anybody here a surgeon, or have you ever broken your hand? Trying to find out what a doctor might do if you severely fracture two carpal bones in your hand - do they put pins in them? Something else? Thank you! 📝 #amwriting #writingresearch

150 crunches with the kettlebell today and some presses. Ow. Starting to see some results though. I might actually have a physique this summer that doesn’t scream “drive thru master.”

Imagine if Disney+ said “We’re gonna get rid of all of our Mickey-related content.”

Warner Bros/Discovery/HBO Max is making it harder and harder to stay subscribed to their streaming service.…

Anyone know what it’s like to be on Twitter lately? I walked away almost two weeks ago and haven’t checked in. I saw the head of HR who’s been there for 10 years just resigned today. That can’t be good. Are we looking at a complete shutdown soon?

Down 7 pounds since the beginning of December and starting to show some definition in my arms. 💪🏻

Didn’t hit 1667 words yesterday as I’d hoped, but did manage 1165. Gonna try to break that today. #amwriting #janowrimo 📝

1000 words down already for JaNoWriMo Day 1. Gotta get 667 more before the end of the night. 🤞#amwriting 📝

Transcribed my handwritten outline into Ulysses. Tomorrow begins JaNoWriMo for me. LFG!!! 📝 #amwriting

Set up a crow feeder and put out some shiny objects in my backyard. I am going to have my own crow army. This is just the beginning.

I noticed some of the Discords that kicked up right when we all thought Twitter was going to shutter have died out. Sad, but I think more than community, a lot of people need more than just like-minded folks to talk to. We need an audience to sell our work to, and Discord is just too siloed.